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A letter to Nino by Wirls
A letter to Nino
This is the letter that Gem left behind for Nino when she moved out.

Enjoy the feels... ALL OF THEM...

Gem belongs to me
Nino belongs to misi-chan

Tear stain brushes used: Waterstains Photoshop Brushes

Gem stared at the door in the darkness, a large but empty sack on her back, her fingers fondling the key in her hand. She knew she had to do this, and as quietly as possible so as not to wake Nino or Pato.

She put the key in the lock and turned it as quietly as she possibly could and stealthily entered the house. Gem knew Nino was a light sleeper and quite paranoid about safety, so it wouldn't take much to wake him.

Good, it seemed the cats were sleeping somewhere. They hadn't seen her yet. Closing the door behind her, she made her way upstairs, careful not to let the wood creak under the weight of her footsteps. Her room lay before her. Her room. Well, not for much longer.

Gem attempted a smile as Loki got a little excited in his cage when he saw her, but the smile wouldn't come. She wasn't sure if it ever would again. “Hey little guy…” She whispered. “We’re going on a little trip.”

He sat watching her as she quietly opened her chests and packed the contents into the sack. She wouldn't be able to take the chests or cage with her. She would never get them out quietly.

She paused at her dagger collection, a hand coming up to her mouth and some fresh tears streaming down her cheeks as memories flooded her mind. It seemed she would never be done with crying. The wound was too deep.

She took a moment to gather herself before wrapping the weapons neatly with cloth, so as to not make a noise and packed them in the sack as well.

When she was done with everything she turned to Loki again, whispering, “Are you ready boy? Time to go…” She opened the cage, flinching slightly as it gave a tiny squeak. She listened for a moment, but it seemed the sound did not disturb anyone.

She opened her satchel and Loki climbed into it like he used to as a kit. He seemed to understand that this was something serious and sat quietly without a fuss.

Gem paused a moment, looking around the room, another silent tear streaming down her cheek. It seemed goodbyes were becoming the norm for her. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh as she pulled out a sealed letter she had written in preparation for this. She placed it on the bed with the written name facing the door, so Nino would see it when he walked in.

Giving the room another last look, Gem picked up the now extremely heavy sack and started making her way downstairs. Pausing for a moment at the top of the stairs, she looked to Nino and Pato’s door, briefly wishing she could go and see them one last time, but she thought better of it. It would be easier if she didn’t. She made her way downstairs, avoiding creaks on the way down as well. Getting to the door, she heard a tiny meow. She froze. Please don’t wake up Nino. This was difficult enough as it is.

Turning, she found herself facing the kittens. Not such little kittens anymore. They watched her with big, curious eyes. She sniffled a little and bent to give them each a little scratch behind the ear. “I’m sorry babies, but I have to go…” She whispered. “Take care of Nino for me alright?” As if they understood.

She turned once again to the door, exiting and locking up again as quietly as before with a barely audible, “Goodbye…” as her hand left the wood.

“Let’s go get Mora shall we?” She muttered to the ferret with another sigh.

Turning on her heel, Gem walked towards the stables, brushing away tears and not looking back for fear she might change her mind.

So as most of you already know, Gem has had a really rough time recently and is emotionally broken. This is the result of that with her moving out and going off to be on her own.

The letter: A letter to Nino by Wirls

Gem belongs to me
Nino and the cats belong to misi-chan
Pato belongs to Abadir


South Africa

Kiriban and stuffs

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 12:57 PM
So... I don't usually do these, but there's a big milestone coming up! Well, 10,000 pageviews is big for me, okay?! :XD: Anyhoo, if you catch the big 10,000, pop me a note and I'll do a little something for you. It might be a poem, a short story or a portrait. I am not the best artist or anything, but hey, FREE STUFF! :giggle:

Also, I've run behind on my dA messages again. I'll get through them eventually. I was in hospital around a month ago and I wasn't exactly logging on for a few weeks. I can never seem to stay ahead of these messages, can I? :XD:

Ah well, enjoy your week peeps!

*hugs* :heart:

The TMM Ship Armada - Pick Your Fav! 

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